Tips for Hiring House Cleaning Services

Tips for Hiring House Cleaning Services | Furniture Cleaning Experts

Types of Cleaning Service

April 30, 2022 3 Read

As a homeowner, it is natural to be protective of your home, so many homeowners find it hard to trust people entering their homes, especially if they are strangers to them. Homeowners are hesitant to hire professional house cleaning services because of these trust and security issues. They do not like the idea of having strangers go through their homes. However, you can address this uncertainty by knowing how to choose the right company to do the house cleaning for you.

When choosing to hire house cleaners, you have to decide first what type of cleaning service you will get. Do you want to hire a professional crew to clean, or do you want to hire an individual? Hiring a team to do the house cleaning for you may be more expensive, but it will give you value for your money. When you hire a cleaning crew, the amount of time it will take to clean your whole house will be shorter; therefore, you can have the place for yourself in no time. However, hiring a crew means more than one person entering your home, which may be a security risk if you do not vet the cleaning company properly.

On the other hand, hiring an individual from a cleaning company that will be dedicated to your home may be more to your liking. You can quickly establish a personal relationship with an individual cleaner compared to a cleaning crew. Also, it is easier to communicate your cleaning needs with an individual, and you can even negotiate additional tasks with an individual cleaner when necessary. The downside of a single cleaner is that it will take more time to finish all the cleaning tasks. You have to be okay with having the cleaner around your home for most of the day.

Get Recommendations

You have to remember that house cleaners are not the same as housekeepers. Housekeepers do light cleaning and chores around your home daily or weekly, while housecleaners do deeper cleaning using chemical compounds and professional equipment. While some independent individuals may offer you housekeeping and house cleaning services, it is still better to hire a crew or an individual from a reputable cleaning company such as Maid Service Miami Gardens FL.

It is essential to hire house cleaning services with proven track records. You can ask your friends and relatives for recommendations for cleaning companies that they have satisfactorily dealt with before. You may also ask cleaning companies for references that you can call to check on the quality of their cleaning services. It is also essential to check if the cleaning company is insured and bonded against any damages or loss your home may incur during its services.

Schedule a Once Over

When hiring professional house cleaners, it is best to have them visit your home before you decide on hiring them. A home visitation will enable house cleaning companies to accurately assess the amount and type of cleaning that needs to be done to your home. The visitation will also allow them to give you a more accurate estimate of the cleaning costs. It is even better to use this time to provide the cleaners with a list of cleaning tasks that you need to do to your home and expectations.

After hiring house cleaning services, it is best to stick around during the first few cleanings to assess their work quality or see if they are following your cleaning instructions.